Bespoke HDMI Digital Audio UHD 4K Smart Distribution Systems

Dolby True HD, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS-HD HDMI audio across multi rooms or, zones, as well as HD, UHD 4K @60 by KNX Automation Team

Streamlined HDMI AV distribution in every room or, zone is not trivial to design, implement, and commission. The multiple source formats and the delivery of the signals to the output devices have to be planned in advance to offer the client high quality sounds and vision experience.







Bespoke home AV entertainment system is designed and commissioned to give the family the ultimate experience in vision and sound. With modern technology, our professional team is able to provide our clients with a wide range of high quality multi-room entertainment systems. We will design, implement, and set up the av system in a way to service all your desired zones or, rooms.

Whole House Audio Video Installation services are offered with flexible high definition audio video distribution devices for ensuring that AV sources are available anywhere in the home with no loss of quality. Sources such as Sky HD and UHD, Blu-Ray servers and online music stream services such as Spotify, iTunes and internet radio can all be enjoyed anywhere in the home with sound perfectly balanced between high quality sound and stereo spaces.

You’re watching a movie in your media room with your family. The doorbell rings. You pause the movie and automatically the lights turn up a little to allow you to see what you’re doing. You check the video feed on your smartphone to see who’s at the door and speak to them remotely. Then when you press play the lights automatically fade off as you enjoy the rest of the movie.

Voice controlled smart home automation is a reality now with Amazon Alexa artificial intelligence for machine learning and the possibility to integrate Alexa with Control4 and RTI devices. Lights, heating, blinds, shades, and almost every aspect of the automation system can be controlled via voice control.