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Smart Home

A smart home is an intelligent private space where functions of various modern electrical and electronic systems such as lighting, heating, blinds, security, and audio visuals are controlled and automated by an automation server, which is known as systems integration device. It relies on Ethernet technology to bring together various protocols such as RS-485, KNX, ZigBee, Z-wave, and nest for example, under single user interface that is interacted either with a wall-mounted terminal, mobile phone software (Android or, apple iOS), tablet computer or a web browser.

Lighting Scenes in Every Room

Lighting has always been an integral part of creating beautiful interiors, allowing home owner to enjoy a relaxing environment with best features of system design details. With smart home integrations, lighting will become an essential trend of your lifestyle at home.

Now, you can enjoy functional lighting control in your smart home system, where preset lighting scenes with different lights in different brightness could be easily activated, removing the hassle of tinkering with light switches to find the right setting.

Moreover, smart lighting means that you can create events which activates your lighting scenes at a specific time or for a specific activity such as watching a film, or enjoying dinner. Window blinds can also be integrated with the lighting system to make the best of daylight.


Smart Energy

One of the most important benefits of the smart home is the energy saving features it brings along, saving you money. As modern home occupants sensors are able to be aware of the occupants, they can automate the climate control in order to save energy consuming tools such as heating and cooling.

A house that automatically turns off heating and switches off all lights as you leave is no longer a dream. Modern occupants sensors offer you the smartest tools with the most reliable integrations that would influence energy consumption depending on your presence at home.

A smart home system, equipped with a smart thermostat  and smart lighting control system can save up to 30% on your annual energy bills.