KNX is the world wide standard  for home automation and building control







KNX EIB is the global standard for home automation. It is based on two wires only, open system to manage and control electrical devices within a facility, that is by lighting control ON/OFF , dimming, light scenes, shutters and blinds control, air conditioning components and exhaust fans. KNX bus system products are developed and produced by so many different companies, some are the most reputable and reliable such as  Gira, Jung, Theben, Zenio, Berker, Merten and Siemens AG . Any device on the system whole can generates variable control data  length encapsulated within a telegram message to activate different network system components or, actuator.

A typical EIB network is composed mainly of:two or more of the following devices depending on the clients requirements and the level of automation sought after.

  • Power Supply
  • Communication modules used for conversion from KNX Communication to other communication types such serial, USB Interface, Ethernet, and wireless.
  • KNX Cable (usually Twisted pair)
  • Sensors
  • ON/OFF switches
  • Brightness sensors
  • Presence detectors
  • Room thermostats
  • Touch screen
  • Fire alarm sensors
  • DALI devices
  • Binary Input devices